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Walk Through The Church Facility: The Baptistery

The immersion baptistery symbolizes the truly repentant believer`s identification with Christ his Savior in death, burial, and resurrection to walk in new life. This service is a wonderful time for testimony and evangelistic appeal. The physical process must be dignified to avoid distraction from this biblically prescribed public ordinance of the local church. During my many years of church facility development consultation, I have seen many designs for the immersion tank. I`ve seen a horse trough used. I watched the deacon of the pastorless church baptize the scared lady a second time because another deacon yelled from the back of the room that her arms were not under the water. I recommended the closing of the baptistery with access only through the window from the choir area. I recently observed access to a baptistery 20 feet straight up a steel spiraling stairway. I learned of the candidate who was nearly electrocuted by the makeshift heater dropped into the water (while the pastor was insulated by his rubber waders). I heard of the man who was toweling to dress after his baptism, ...