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Funding The Local Church: Borrowing For Building With Bonds

(No church project I have been involved with has failed when the church followed my conservative guidelines.) Now state and federal regulations have added more registry controls that further safeguard the churches and the investors. Why do churches borrow with bonds for building? a. Long-term fixed interest rates are possible with bonds, while most banks offer variable or adjustable rates with balloon balances. The fixed interest rate removes the uncertainty of having to refinance at a higher rate of interest and additional fees when the balloon comes due. b. Bonds provide the opportunity for members to earn a higher return on their investments than banks pay on certificates of deposit. To the extent that bonds are purchased by the membership of the church, the interest is retained by the church members. c. A graduated payment schedule is an option. The loan payment can begin low and increase as church membership and giving increase. But the graduated payment schedule would pay all interest and principal within the specified period for loan maturity without a balloon. d. There is an open-ended deed of trust for future expansion loans. Unlike most conventional loans, if ...