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Staying Focused During a Building Campaign

“This church is very active and growing, so we`re just about out of space.” (I can see that.) “We`ll need to build soon . . .” (Uh-oh.)  “. . . for the preschool we`re starting, our expanding Sunday school, a bigger sanctuary, and a gym. We really need a gym!” To these expressions of enthusiasm, my standard response would be a noncommittal “When the time is right.” I could clearly see what more square footage could do for our ministry, but I wasn`t ready to trade my robe and commentaries for blueprints and a nail apron. (I confess, however, that I once caught myself dreaming of a day 50 years hence when a grandmother would say, “Yes, child, that`s the magnificent building Pastor Berube led us to put up when I was your age.”) I`d heard stories from other pastors about out-of-control building projects that diverted energy and distracted their congregations from ministry. I could see how easily that might happen—we weren`t even seriously discussing building plans and I was already distracted. So I started a file for ideas, and we began a long journey that resulted in a positive building experience five years ...