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Walk Through The Church Facility: The Nursery Suite

When I was a baby, the nursery suite in the small-town/rural church was the pine benches in the congregational service. These benches were made of a wide and narrow pine board for the seat, and two narrow boards for the back rest. According to my mother, I could lie on the bench on my stomach with my legs and arms hanging over the bench to secure my sleeping position. There is a trend among a certain following today to return the nursery to the congregational service, with the mothers caring for their babies in the service regardless of the level of disturbance. This concept is also being applied to church education, stating that it is the parents` responsibility to teach the children at home. I was in one church recently where everyone was kept together in the auditorium for Sunday school while the lesson was directed to the adults and the children were left to “color”. No one learned anything in this setting, especially the majority of the adults who no longer have small children and were distressed with the ...