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Church Site Selection

Let`s use TEN STEPS as logical, sequential progress toward a desired goal. These are steps that you must be acquainted with as a church planter, pastor, or another church leader entrusted with this responsibility. Rarely will you find a realtor who understands the requirements of a church. The realtor is primarily a salesperson. You must equip yourself to make wise decisions. Rely on those of your church who have experience in these areas to assist you. Pastors should not act as if they are infallible in areas where they are not skilled. There is wisdom in counsel. Step One: Locate a stable, growing region for a new church. Determine who it is you plan to reach. If an ethnic ministry is your plan, you must locate in a stable area accessible to that group. In other cases, set your sights toward a new growth area that needs a church such as you espouse. Step Two: Develop a strong church of people before developing a church site. Every family can`t afford to own a home. You must develop the ability to provide ...