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Before a professional progress manager will begin a major construction project, one of the first steps to be undertaken is the creation of a Construction Progress Schedule. The importance of establishing a progress schedule can be seen in the saved hours of labor, reduction of construction conflicts by overlapping trades and avoidance of delays in the delivery of long lead items. How does one establish a progress schedule? The first step is to make a list of every trade (sub-contractor and vendor) and when they are scheduled to begin their work. Next, record the scope of work to be completed, as well as the number of days the work will take to be completed. It is important to note two points. First, if one sub-contractor must complete a specific task or line item before another trade can begin their work, the first contractor must be scheduled with ample time to complete their task.  Secondly, if an item such as specialty windows, pews or custom seating, custom dyed carpeting, artwork or other items scheduled to take many weeks or months for fabrication and ...

15 Issues Every Construction Contract Must Have When Building or Remodeling Your Church, Synagogue or Temple.

15 Issues Every Construction Contract Must Have When Building or Remodeling Your Church, Synagogue or Temple.  All contracts must be in writing.  Repeat after me – ALL CONTRACTS MUST BE IN WRITING!  In a court of law it must be in writing to be enforceable. The contract must have the full address of the property where the work will be completed.  If you are building a church, you must be able to describe the parcel upon which the church is to be built.  Use the tax map and parcel number, or the legal description, the street address or some other way of explaining to the world that the church is to be constructed HERE! The name, address and telephone number of the party hiring the contractor.  Normally the church’s mailing address and the name of the minister or property chairperson signing the contract is sufficient. The contracting firm’s legal name, address and telephone number. Not that it is required, but this is a great place to insert the ...

Understanding a Construction Budget: Funding the Project

No matter how much money you’ve raised, it’s not enough. BELIEVING IN THE PROJECT When working with a construction budget, there are many points that one should understand. In this chapter we explain both the “how” and “why” of construction budgeting for PraiseBuilding renovation, as well as a few “don’t ever do this” pointers and discussion of the mistakes made in years of working with congregations. Remember that when we speak of construction budgets for PraiseBuilding acquisition and renovation, we are probably going to be speaking in terms of hundreds of thousands of dollars to many millions of dollars. Dealing with these huge amounts of money to many people is unnerving. Remember that one is not raising all of this money from a single paycheck. Hopefully, the growing congregation is large enough and full of working families who, although living paycheck to paycheck, are able to have every family contribute a little from their paycheck each week. If a congregation of 250 families each contributed $50 each week to the building drive over the normal tithing and offering, the congregation would raise ...