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Architects, like many other licensed professionals, must pass a comprehensive state test and are permitted to practice architecture only in those states where a valid license is held. Only a person possessing a valid state license and current registration may legally use the title “architect” and provide architectural services. Many architects are members of the American Institute of Architects, a national professional organization. Only those members in good standing may use AIA after their name to denote membership in this organization. Architecture is such a vast and complex discipline that not all architects have the knowledge or skills required to design a PraiseBuilding. An architect, who has only designed new homes or tenant fit-out projects for office buildings, simply will not have the technical knowledge and hands-on expertise to complete a PraiseBuilding without a substantial learning curve. When selecting an architect, it is important to interview several experienced in working with congregations and renovating existing structures. You may be able to obtain names and numbers of qualified professionals by contacting your local AIA Chapter. Ask members of other congregations if they might ...