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Walk Through The Church Facility: The Main Foyer

Church architects often refer to it as the narthex. The common term among the church people is foyer or lobby. A contemporary concept is to make this area a central concourse or mall patterned after the shopping center with the enclosed mall and food court. One well known church has a Starbucks franchise in the central mall. Let’s avoid extremes, seeking a balance that will contribute to our central purpose of the church to produce disciples—a man perfect in Christ Jesus (Colossians 1:28). While I do not believe we should seek to replicate the mall and the food court, there is an opposite extreme I often find in the church facility of nothing more than an entry area without adequate circulation space or a central gathering area for greetings and fellowship. I like to call the main foyer the COMMONS. It is a common point of entry from the main church entrance where people can be easily directed to any area of the church complex. Those people who are familiar with the building should be able to go from the commons ...