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Master Planning

We need a master plan that will facilitate the ministry. Site Capacity Begin by determining the maximum capacity of the site. If all the land can be used (no wetlands or elevations that cannot be developed), we can usually plan on 100 people per acre for church use, not including the major sports areas needed for a Christian school. If there are reasonable setbacks and land coverage criteria (some codes limit the amount of building or impervious development) and sanitary sewer are available, this guideline of 100 people per acre should provide some recreation area. Landscaping and greenbelts may also utilize a significant portion of the site. The configuration of the land is another factor; a triangular site with building setbacks and perimeter greenbelts has less usable land. A rectangular or a square site is best. Ministry Plan Will the church schedule multiple sessions of worship and/or Sunday school? Or do we prefer a single service format? We must provide adequate assimilation spaces (education, fellowship, administration)—based on your ministry philosophy—to facilitate the number of people who can be assembled for worship. The space distribution must also correspond to age ...