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Before You Build - Six Things You Should Know

Staff Writer, Arks Incorporated  In church building programs you can solve issues one of two ways…invest a little sweat equity or throw money at it and make it someone else`s problem. Good stewardship would lead us to try to get the most of every one of God`s dollars. A dollar saved in the building program is a dollar that can be used in evangelizing the lost and building up God`s people. There are many areas in a building program where the church can save thousands of dollars by being a good steward. Three of the largest potential areas of savings are in site selection, architecture and construction. Contact us to learn how we have helped other churches save tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in their building programs. It`s harder than it looks From concept to completion, your church will not undertake a more demanding and complicated task in terms of money, risk, & effort than it will in a building program. The proof in this can be found in the number of Pastors that leave churches, or even the ministry, ...

Why Plan?

Let me begin by saying that the Church today is in a very difficult situation. Trying to organize the construction of a new building is no doubt a situation in which you have little ongoing experience. This fact alone would not be so bad, except for the fact that the construction industry is continually changing, and is difficult to keep up with, especially for those not involved in it on a daily basis. Some people may argue that it is best for the Church to hire someone (for example an Architect) to do all the planning. These people may feel that planning is not the job of the church. There are however four great reasons for you, the Church, to do some planning on your own before you go out and hire someone to facilitate the design your new church; #1 - PLANNING SAVES YOU MONEY! Your ultimate cost is reduced greatly with effective pre-planning. This is ultimately a service of good stewardship for that which God has granted to you. #2 – PLANNING REMOVES THE OBSTACLES! Isaiah 57:14 tells us ...