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The Church Borrowing To Build: Let Borrowing Serve You

Certainly the concept of borrowing money has been abused. Many have become slaves to debt (defined as excessive borrowing) rather than making debt (defined as reasonable borrowing, better identified as loans) serve them. I believe the church project can be partially funded through borrowing without violating biblical principals governing interest and payment of loans. Borrowing should never replace stewardship. Challenge your people with the Word of God to an enlarged faith that would encourage giving beyond the visible assets of the moment in trust agreements with God. Accept the possibility with God of sufficient cash gifts for the project. Raise all you can. However, waiting for cash to build in some instances is costly. You may miss the opportunity to purchase a suitable building site when it is available. Inflation could increase building costs more rapidly than your building fund is increasing. A congregation usually becomes weary and disheartened if they see little progress. Capacity crowds in the present facility may eliminate your ability to grow. Occupying a new facility may allow you to reach more people for Christ who can also give to eliminate the ...

25 Questions to Ask When Qualifying Your Contractor to Work on Your PraiseBuilding, Church, Temple, or Synagogue.

25 Questions to Ask When Qualifying Your Contractor to Work on Your PraiseBuilding, Church, Temple, or Synagogue. 1.     How long have you been in business?  2.     In what kind of work do you specialize?  3.     How did your firm get started? 4.     How many employees do you have?  5.     How long have your key employees been with you?  6.     Will you use your own crew for the work or will you subcontract all or part of the job?  7.     What types of work are you licensed to do in our state?  8.     How many other PraiseBuildings have you built or renovated?  9.     Who will be the project manager on our project?  10.   Do you have a working relationship with any architect who specializes in churches or houses of worship?  11.   How much insurance do you carry? 12.   What about general liability insurance, worker’s compensation insurance?  13.   Are you a bondable company? To what limit?  14.   Have you ever had a claim against either your insurance carrier or your bonding firm?  Explain  15.   How will this project fit into your production schedule?  16.   How long do you expect the outlined scope of work will ...

Planning and Building a PraiseBuilding – the Preliminaries

WHAT MAKES A PRAISEBUILDING? The term praisebuilding simply refers to any structure, either new or converted from an existing structure, used for worship. Religious architecture scholar, Stephen J. Ferrandi, in his book by the same name, coined the term “praisebuilding.”  The term does not discriminate as to the faith, style of worship, or method of construction.  A praisebuilding can be as simple as several bamboo logs lashed together to make a rudimentary temple or it can boast the architectural magnificence of Saint Peter’s Basilica.  Mohammed Ali Mosque, Westminster Abbey, Mahabodhi Temple, and Shaarei Shomayim Synagogue are all praisebuildings. So too is a storefront church on Main Street, a converted barn in the countryside, and a tent where worshippers gather to pray. THE BASIC RULES FOR CREATING A PRAISEBUILDING FROM AN EXISTING STRUCTURE USING ADAPTIVE RE-USE PRINCIPLES. Congregations across the globe have used nearly every type of structure as a center for their praise and worship. During World War II, the Italians worshiped in the Roman catacombs, while the British held church services in the relative safety of the underground subway system. ...