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Should We Relocate?

a. Community—Survey a 20-minute driving radius surrounding the church. (We can interpret a PERCEPT church demographic study for you.) Is the population increasing or decreasing? What is the percentage distribution of preschool, school age, and adults? Is there an ethnicity that you are not ministering to? Who are the prevalent adult groups you could be ministering to? How many households without children? Are your targets of ministry right for the community demographics? b. Vicinity—Are you in a residential community? Is the immediate vicinity around the church stable, or is ethnic change and tension evident? Does the church facility show compatibility with the expectations of the community standards of living? What is the community\`s blue/white collar ratio? Is this ratio true in the church? Are there senior adults who will be selling out? Who will be buying these houses? Might it be young, blue-collar families? Is there potential for ethnic ministry you are willing to target? c. Constituency—Does the present church constituency live in the community, or are they commuting to the church? Commuters who use to live in the vicinity indicate community change and little relational contact in the ...