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CHECKLIST: Choosing the Right Property Location

Staff Writer, ChurchConstruction.com When you select a building site, consider some of the following items. Then use the checklist provided to evaluate the feasibility of each option you uncover. 1. Accessibility of Site - If access roads and utilities are not already available to the site, the church will be responsible for paying for and providing roads and facilities. This can be costly. So if possible, choose a site with existing utilities and other services. Nevertheless, if you can not find a site with existing utilities, find an area in the community under the process of being developed. Sometimes the local utilities will share the costs of putting in the lines and pipes since you are helping the advancement of community development. Check this option out as one possible solution. 2. Traffic Flow - You will need to consider whether or not the site provides easy access for the workers and equipment during construction; and easy access after construction for the church members and visitors. If you are planning a renovation or the construction of new buildings on the same site, you ...