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Walk Through The Church Facility: The Day School

During the school week Monday through Friday there are over 600 Kindergarten Four through Grade Twelve day school students in my sample church classroom and nursery facilities. Nearly all the classrooms have school desks for the students. Most elementary classrooms have all walls covered with school lessons; some classrooms have displays hanging from the entire suspended ceiling. In many cases all the storage is for school days. On Sunday, most churches could be comprised of perhaps 75 percent adults, 18 percent school ages 5–17, and 7 percent preschool children (since this is the age distribution of the community demographics). Where do you place the adult Sunday school classes? This decision has major impact on adult education and assimilation in your church. Or, is there a room large enough that we can arrange for children`s church? Awana Club night poses other major questions: Where will we have Council Time? Where can we store all the equipment, supplies, awards, and shirts? It is common for me to see even first-grade school desks stacked on one side of the classroom, while metal folding chairs have ...