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Choose Your Seat Wisely: Stack Seating Content

There are generally two varieties within stack seating: one is fully upholstered and padded, the other is a molded plastic chair with a chrome frame and high-density stacking capability. The major benefit of this molded chair is its storage and stacking. The capacity varies with the particular chair but is usually about 38 to 45 high per chair dolly. The upholstered chair affords more overall comfort. It is more popular and cost per seated person is much less than for pews or theatre seats. There are dozens of sources for stack seating, but only a few that specialize in seating specifically designed for the church. The preference is to use a chair that when ganged together allows the seat cushions to be tightly adjacent to one another. This will form a continuous seat and allow you to overcrowd by seating the people pew style. Most of the major suppliers will provide you with a complimentary sample chair. Take advantage of this so you can truly assess the differences in quality, construction and comfort. Determine what your buying criteria will be but ...