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Site Development Limitations

Here are some of the situations that create a demand for a larger church site: a. Many communities have incorporated a very low ratio for impervious development of the church site. The term “impervious” refers to the site development that limits storm water penetration, creating more runoff from the site. Building footprint and roof, sidewalks, and paved parking (and even stone parking in some cases) aretypical site development classified as impervious. For example, the State of New Jersey is very strict in this regard as observed in my recent church projects in that state. Vineland limits impervious development to 20 percent of the site. Haddon Heights allows only 25 percent, and Hamilton Township (near Princeton and Kendall Park) allows 30 percent. Trenton has a similar requirement. This means that only this small portion of the site can be developed with buildings, sidewalk, and parking, leaving as much as 80 percent of the site as green area. Therefore, the site would have to be much larger than one acre per 100 people. Variances are seldom approved to set this limitation aside. b. The ratio of people per ...