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Building Begins with Vision

Said another way, vision and mission are the starting point and direction for your efforts and will be the lens through which many future decisions must be examined. The vision of the church is a defining factor in many things: property size, location, building form and function being just a few. Before building, you need unity in the body with regard to the vision and mission of the church. Without unity in the vision and mission, you will not have unity in the myriad of decisions that make up your building program. Once you have congregation unity in the vision and mission of the church, the other defining decisions concerning function and esthetics now have an objective standard by which they can be evaluated...by deciding which alternative best supports the church vision and mission. Somewhere in the vision and mission statements, it will be helpful to provide an indication of the eventual size of church and the ministry focus. "Winning the world for Christ" is a lofty vision, but one that lacks any detail about how you might do this. Consider this vision statement: "Winning the lost in our community through evangelism ...