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Walk Through The Church Facility: The Worship Center

But auditoriums are for audiences observing a performance, rather than participating in worship through singing and reading of the Scriptures. The term sanctuary refers specifically to a holy place (and most specifically as the area around the altar), but has become commonly used to refer to the building set aside for worship. Some avoid this term sanctuary for the place of worship, believing God now dwells in each true believer, and the altar identification in the church is not appropriate with Christ`s finished work on Calvary as our true altar. I am emphasizing the term of identification to underscore how the room should be designed. Audiences observe; congregations participate in audience with God. Audiences are entertained by performers; congregations are led in expressions of worship, and exhorted through preaching to live for and serve the living Christ who will rapture the Bride/Church. Audiences applaud performances; congregations express heartfelt appreciation to God through words and deeds. Therefore, I prefer to call the place of worship the worship center, since there is no such word as “congretorium.” The worship center should be designed ...