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Walk Through The Church Facility: The Fellowship Hall

What should you plan to construct? What can you afford? What is the cost difference between a sports facility and fellowship hall? Could we worship in the same facility? The first question to be answered is, “What functions are to be facilitated in this building?” The functions to be served dictate the features of the building if you are to be satisfied with the accommodations. Otherwise, you will be disappointed with the facility. Will this building also be used for our worship services? Then the acoustics and aesthetics must accommodate congregational participation and quality expectations. These features will add cost. You will need heating and air conditioning that is not so noisy that you can`t hear. You should have acoustics for congregational singing, not just a sound system blasting canned music or preaching at the people. The floor should be carpeted with squares of gymnasium carpet. Seating must be comfortable, with adequate chair storage when the room is used for sports. Get ready for lots of work day after day arranging the room for the multiple functions. Is this to be our ...