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Choosing Interior Elements for Your Praise Building

1. Create as high a ceiling as possible. High ceilings help create the feeling of awe and reverence. High ceilings also required create the acoustics required for most worship services. Music requires a high ceiling in order to sound full-bodied and powerful. 2. Use proportional spacing and balance to create a symmetrical worship environment. The stage, bimah, platform, altar, pulpit or other focal point of the worship space should be centered to allow most members of the congregation an unobstructed view. When placing seating, it is important to use symmetrical design. If pews are to be installed with a center aisle, each row of pews should be the same length and spaced the same distance apart to create an even appearance throughout the worship space. Example: If fifty chairs are to be installed on the right side of the stage platform, then for the purpose of symmetry, fifty chairs need to be installed on the left side as well. Additionally, if ten large windows are installed along the left side of the sanctuary, ten windows, or at least some other similar ...