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Walk Through The Church Facility: The Rest Rooms

In similar fashion, our church facilities of that era provided nothing more than an outdoor toilet behind the church building. After a few years, indoor rest rooms were added. We saw progress in facilities to adequately address the changing community expectations. I still go into some church facilities that are nearly as primitive as the provisions in the days of my boyhood. Many church buildings still have rest rooms only in the basement. Some of the toilets are one step above the floor on a raised concrete pad so the plumbing will work. Others rest rooms are only accessible through the furnace room. Often the generic stalls are rotten or destroyed by abuse. Lighting is sometimes very dim and ventilation is lacking, producing a very uninviting environment. “Can I hold my breath until I can get out of here?” Modern homes give high priority to the bathroom facilities. The size, furnishings, and decor reflect a high priority for what has become a very inviting room. These current expectations are brought to your church. The rest rooms are one of the foremost tests ...


In most PraiseBuildings, the construction of restrooms is as important as the construction of kitchen or audio/visual center and is nearly as expensive. On average, PraiseBuilding restrooms need to be replaced every twenty years, so it is important to spend some money here to get the most out of every fixture. Use the highest quality materials the budget will allow to withstand years of abuse. There is a difference between high quality fixtures and designer fixtures. Since restrooms will be used and abused, it is important for architect or building committee to specify high quality sinks, faucets, toilets, urinals and dividing partitions Over the last several years, many congregations have decided to make their restrooms more than the utilitarian spaces they once were. Today, restrooms may feature baby-changing stations, lounge areas, changing areas with showers and even decorative artwork and lighting.It is important that restrooms are built to area building codes. Depending upon the space constraints of the PraiseBuilding, it may not be possible to make each restroom ADA (American’s with Disabilities Act) compliant. The law requires that an ADA compliant restroom ...