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Buying Land for Your House of Worship – A Primer.

Buying Land for Your House of Worship – A Primer. When buying land, the first thing is to ask the basic question. “Where do we need to be geographically?”  If you were to say that you need to be within a five mile square of your current neighborhood or church - that is a good starting point.  The starting point is to identify the community or region where you want to grow your church.  This might mean you focus on an area that is presumed to be un-churched, or perhaps it is where the majority of your current members live.  Maybe the focus is to be located near a major highway so that you can attract membership from across a large area.  Growing a new church means determining where to plant the seed.  Once you have a geographic area determined, call your local real estate professional in Maryland, Delaware or the District of Columbia that’s Stephen Ferrandi 410-925-4566 or Josh Halbedel 443-574-1407 both religious property brokers with KLNB Commercial Real Estate. If you’re planning to build outside our market area and ...