10 Tips for Greater Heating/Cooling Efficiency and Savings

  1. Install a more efficient heating or cooling system.  Newer systems are more efficient, and can save you money in the long run.  Even replacing old window air conditioning units with newer models may save you money.
  2. Check your local county, state, or energy provider’s website for rebates when you recycle your old window A/C units.  (Click here fore Baltimore Gas and Electric’s program.)
  3. Teach people to keep doors and windows closed when heating and cooling systems are operating.
  4. Plan zoned systems in the facility so that only the occupied area is brought to the comfortable temperature.
  5. Use separate individual forced air units for each zone, rather than a central system. The initial installation costs less, and the operational costs are usually less with forced air, especially when both air conditioning and heating are involved. The heating recovery time for bring a room to the comfortable temperature with a hot water system often consumes the savings of this system, especially with older, inefficient boilers.
  6. Set thermostats at the comfort level only when the room is occupied. With forced air systems, you can adjust the thermostats much later and still have the room at a comfortable temperature when the meeting starts.
  7. Use computerized or timed thermostats.
  8. Lock the thermostats; delegate the responsibility of setting temperatures to a trained operator.
  9. Insulate. Many older church buildings (prior to the 1970s) have little or no insulation. Replace single pane windows with thermopane units.
  10. Use fans for cooling.  A ceiling fan can reduce a room’s temperature by as much as five degrees.