Buildings That Are Not Square

It has only been within the last fifty years that circular, octagonal or decagonal style sanctuaries have gained in popularity. As any architect or construction estimator knows, any building that is not a square or rectangle will be more expensive to build and furnish. Here is a simple way to understand why this is true.…

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Eight Steps to Qualifying Your Church Building Contractor

Pre-evaluate: study their personal habits.
Do the company representatives dress professionally?
Was the company representative respectful, professional, polite?
Was the company representative overly aggressive, rude, or used vulgar language?

Evaluate the company:

Do they have business cards and company stationery?
Do they use a P.O. Box or a street address?
Was the bid presented on time?
Was the bid typed in a clear professional manner?
Was the bid thorough in its scope of work?
Did the scope of work outlined in the bid match the project specifications?
Does the company have company trucks that present a professional image?

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Renovating the Catholic Church: An Architect’s Perspective

Painting all the walls white, replacing the pews with chairs, relocating the tabernacles to one closet and piling all the statues in another, ripping out every conceivable object in the sanctuary…and leaving one square table (the altar) and a potted palm on the back wall. The second kind are the “Salvaging Renovations” where so-called “modern”…

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Choosing Interior Elements for Your Praise Building

1. Create as high a ceiling as possible. High ceilings help create the feeling of awe and reverence. High ceilings also required create the acoustics required for most worship services. Music requires a high ceiling in order to sound full-bodied and powerful. 2. Use proportional spacing and balance to create a symmetrical worship environment. The…

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