Building Committee Checklist

  • What is the structural condition of the building?
  • What is the condition of the roof, windows, doors and walls?
  • What is the condition of the major systems of the structure?
  • Are HVAC, electrical, sprinkler, alarm and plumbing systems in good working order?
  • What repairs need to be made to each of these?
  • How many people will the building be able to hold according to fire code?
  • How many people will the sanctuary hold?
  • What will it cost to renovate the building?
  • Can the building be designed to contain the various classrooms, offices, worship spaces and meeting spaces included on the building committee’s wish list?
  • Will the PraiseBuilding complex be able to park all the members’ cars on site?

Stephen Ferrandi is the Director of KLNB Religious Properties, a real estate firm serving religious clients in Maryland, D.C., Pennsylvania, and Virginia. He is one of the top experts in land development in the region. Mr. Ferrandi frequently contributes real estate related articles to both print and online publications.