Eight Steps to Qualifying Your Church Building Contractor

  1. Pre-evaluate: study their personal habits
    • Do the company representatives dress professionally?
    • Was the company representative respectful, professional, polite?
    • Was the company representative overly aggressive, rude, or used vulgar language?
  2. Evaluate the company:
    • Do they have business cards and company stationery?
    • Do they use a P.O. Box or a street address?
    • Was the bid presented on time?
    • Was the bid typed in a clear professional manner?
    • Was the bid thorough in its scope of work?
    • Did the scope of work outlined in the bid match the project specifications?
    • Does the company have company trucks that present a professional image?
  3. Evaluate their work:
    • Ask for references.
    • Call – or better yet, visit – four projects from the last six months.
    • Talk to their clients about the quality and professionalism of the company and their work.
    • What were the contractor’s work habits?
    • Did the contractor stick to the plan and schedule?
    • Were there numerous changes?
    • Was the project finished on budget?
    • Did anything go wrong? How was it resolved?
    • Would you use this contractor again?
  4. Verify their contractor’s license.
    • Call the state license department to verify they are licensed and in good standing.
  5. Check Better Business Bureau complaint history.
  6. Check Attorney General complaints.
  7. Conduct a criminal background check
    • www.publicrecords-search.com
    • www.integrascan.com
    • www.criminalcbs.com
  8. Verify Insurance and Bond
    • Certificate of insurance should name the praisebuilding as additional insured.
    • Call bonding company to verify bonding capacity.