Ministry Tip: Demographics Guide Strategies

Most churches are surprised when I disclose through a detailed demographic analysis of the surrounding community that at least 75 percent of the population is adults, perhaps 18 percent are school-age children, and about 7 percent are preschool children. Furthermore, in most instances, at least the majority of households do not have children at home between ages 0 and 18. Usually about two thirds of the households have 2 or more workers outside the home, greatly impacting weekday ministries.

Ministry strategies are most effective when the strategies are balanced to target the age distribution of the community. For example, possibly 75 percent of the potential Sunday school attendance is adults. Therefore, Sunday school space and structure must reflect this statistic. Just as small group structures within department groups are the most effective strategy for children and youth, this arrangement is also the most effective strategy for adult education.

Furthermore, the broad span of ages for the adults encourages some form of age-graded adult structure for effective learning in a relational context. You should not be a single-generation church. For more information, acquire Fellowships in Focus by going to publications.