Whether one calls it a sanctuary, worship space, celebration room, nave, assembly hall, or great room; this focal point of a structure is the single most important room in the Praise Building.

Designing this space, (which for the purpose of this text, we will call the sanctuary) need not be complicated to design or expensive to construct.The most important aspect of sanctuary design is to create a worship space using scale, color, light and building materials which humble us in the presence of the Divine.

Regardless if one stands in a temple in Thailand, a Mosque in Morocco, or the Cathedral in Chartres, one is humbled by the scale of the sacred space. Additionally, the quality of design and craftsmanship allows one to appreciate the worship space for the excellent craftsmanship contained therein.

In modern PraiseBuildings, the same elements are used to create a contemporary worship space. Since the focus of this text is limited to working within the framework of an existing structure, much of the architecture detail of the original structure should be incorporated into the PraiseBuilding.

By Stephen Ferrandi, Director, KLNB Regious Properties

Stephen Ferrandi is the Director of KLNB Religious Properties, a real estate firm serving religious clients in Maryland, D.C., Pennsylvania, and Virginia. He is one of the top experts in land development in the region. Mr. Ferrandi frequently contributes real estate related articles to both print and online publications.